Content Marketing Services: Creating Brand Identity

Content Marketing Services have been a buzz for the last few years as there has been a huge global shift from offline to online business. Especially post pandemic the pattern is more visible and one could see a flurry of online businesses that have unveiled a whole new world of experience for the customers. Small, medium and big enterprises have been making diligent efforts towards creating relevant information on their products and services and disseminating them to reach their target audience.

With Codecreate’s specialized content marketing services you will be able to create a differentiated image in the market and especially in the minds of your target audience.

How do you benefit from our Content Marketing Services?

Why trust Codecreate’s Content Marketing Services?

Our content marketing services have always revolved around building brands and not just producing any content. We strive to create content that is relevant to your customers by highlighting more about your products and services and their benefits. Our approach is to build trust around the brand by delivering the right messages with an appeal to try the product.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Leading digital platforms that deal with building online content and CRM facilities have defined content marketing in their own terms.

Hubspot: It’s the process of publishing written and visual material online with the purpose of attracting more leads to your business.

Mailchimp: Content marketing is a marketing strategy used to attract, engage, and retain an audience by creating and sharing relevant articles, videos, podcasts, and other media.

The top reason is that there has been a significant increase of online buyers worldwide. Key product features, benefits, reviews etc have become the key indicators of buying a product or availing a service. And all of them are supported by top quality content that more intensely talks about them. In short, online content have become one of the essential modes of attracting buyers and building brands

Online content can be categorized into different types. It can be –
• Textual content: written content mostly for web pages, blogs, newsletters and emailers.
• Image content: majorly intended for social media posts
• Infographics: intended for making a textual content interesting and factual
• Video: intended for social media channels and immediate attention
• Podcasts: audio content for sole listening purpose, mostly distributed across social media

Content marketing is not an easy task; it is an expert’s job and it requires multiple skills to create relevant and original content. It is difficult for one person from a company to produce content time after time. It requires a teamwork as content development and SEO go hand-in-hand. That’s where an experienced content marketing team comes into play. They will help you to formulate the right content marketing strategy that suits you.

Codecreate starts with a thorough research on the brand, products / services, customers, market demand and competitors. Based on the findings a strategy is built for content development and its distribution. The main advantage of hiring us lies in our strong experience in content development and search engine optimization. Together we make a better digital marketing strategy for you.