Custom Built Website Vs WordPress Advantages & Disadvantages

Custom Built Website Vs WordPress: Advantages & Disadvantages

There can be several advantages and disadvantages if you compare custom built website vs WordPress. Both the platforms have their own functional pros and cons. Let’s dig deeper and understand the topic – Custom Built Website Vs WordPress in detail.

As a business owner it is justified to get confused with the type of website you want to start with. In this ever-progressive digital world, the making of websites are getting more advanced and technologically superior. Hence, selecting a website development platform that will function seamlessly and most importantly work according to your needs will be a tough call to take. For your information, there are several website platforms available widely and are very popular among web developers.

Few of them are – WordPress, Wix, Bootstrap, Drupal, React, Angular JS, Laravel and much more that are widely accepted and running successfully worldwide.

So which platform will you choose? Let’s dig deep into Custom Built Website vs WordPress.

First of all, let us understand what custom-built website and WordPress actually mean.

What is Custom Built Website?

A custom website is developed and designed exactly according to the needs of the owner of the site. From any modification to addition, a web developer can control the entire site and work according to the needs. It also allows a web developer to develop features which are not easily available with basic tools.

Custom built websites are usually created using CSS, HTML, JavaScript and related programming languages for frontend and you can use node.js, php etc. for backend. You need to understand that both the backend and frontend architecture will be created with complete custom coding. However, you can use custom coding for frontend and WordPress for backend as well.

Advantages of Custom-Built Website

Custom built websites have multiple benefits as it allows to create the website from scratch. Hence a web developer gets a wide variety of options and time to create the same.

  • Creating a unique website that suits the brand
  • Almost no functional limitations
  • Scope of scaling the site higher
  • Better updates and security
  • Enhanced search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Better flexibility with hosting

Disadvantages of Custom-Built Website

  • Superior cost than templated website platforms
  • Time consuming process to see the result
  • Maintenance and updates are time consuming too

What is WordPress Website?

WordPress offers simple website development and blog development platforms to the users. It also offers a content management system for the users who wish to update regular information and updates after the website is developed and handed over to the end user by the web developer.

With WordPress platform you can create business websites, e-commerce websites, Blogs, Personal Portfolios, Membership sites and much more.

Advantages of WordPress website

  • Easy hosting
  • User friendly features
  • Easy to Use Backend for non-technical clients
  • Multiple variety of themes for perfect web design
  • Extended functionality with latest plugins
  • Built in blog options
  • Easy updates
  • Cost effective compared to custom websites
  • You can use custom coding to extend the functionality

Disadvantages of WordPress website

  • Frequent updates are required
  • Plugin conflict on updating
  • There are certain limitations on customizing WooCommerce


Till now, we have clearly explained the pros and cons of Custom-Built website vs WordPress website and to what extent these websites can perform. Let’s keep all the pieces together and understand which website can be best suitable for a company or owner.

If you are an enterprise that offers multiple features to your customers and need to scale your website almost after a regular time interval, then you will need a custom-built website which will keep your options open. At the same time, you need an expert custom code web developer who can predict the upcoming requirements and scale your website to any level.

As an SME, if you need a website that will offer multiple smart design templates with a variety of options to feature your products and services then WordPress is your platform. With WordPress you can get access to a convenient content management system where you can add your products and services yourself. You can also make changes to your page design if there is a need. In a nutshell you will be more independent compared to custom built websites.

At Codecreate, we have expert web developers who are equally experienced and skillful in designing custom built websites and WordPress websites. Our decades of experience in the markets of United States and United Kingdom and a happy client base makes us a strong web development company. If you wish to know more on the advantages and disadvantages of custom-built website vs WordPress, then we are just a call away. We will be happy to assist.

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Custom Built Website Vs WordPress Advantages & Disadvantages

Custom Built Website Vs WordPress: Advantages & Disadvantages

There can be several advantages and disadvantages if you compare custom built website vs WordPress. Both the platforms have their own functional pros and cons. Let’s dig deeper and understand the topic - Custom Built Website..

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