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How to Hire a WordPress Developer

If you are wondering how to find a WordPress Developer for web development project and cannot check WordPress website developer skills, then you must follow certain guidelines that will help you to measure all the options and finalize the best of all. Our expert web developers of Codecreate have created the best roadmap for you ensuring that you make an informed decision.

  1. Consider What Type of WordPress Developer You Need

It completely depends on what kind of website you have and what you are offering to your target audience. This is the cornerstone of your strategy because this will clearly define your project requirements and type of developers you wish to have, for example – front end developers, back-end developers or full stack developers. This will in turn also assist the web developers in understanding your project and the skills required to accomplish it.

  1. Determine your Budget

Defining your budget is one of the primary tasks that you must work on before jumping on to other steps. You should calculate a realistic budget that helps both you and the potential developers to understand the requirements. Be transparent about your budget and mention that clearly in your job post. Basically, your shortlisting starts right from here. Developers who will not fall under the budget category will not apply to the post.

  1. Create a Job Post

This would be one of the significant steps of your search, as this will attract the best of the potential web developers who are willing to work on new challenges. You can post the job in online portals and freelance marketplaces for web developers where the scope of finding the right candidate is high. Few of the noted ones are Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, 99 Designs etc. Clearly mention the exact title, also if it is a part time, full time or project-based work.

  1. Prepare a List of Questions

Create a list of questions that you would like to ask to the potential developers so that you can be rest assured that you are picking the right candidate. Publish them in the portal you are posting the job. The questions can be followings.

  1. What is your experience of writing WordPress code?
  2. Do you know how to develop custom themes?
  3. How do you optimize website with SEO?
  4. What is the standard mode of communication with your clients?
  5. How much time would you take to complete the project mentioned?
  6. Have you worked on similar kind of projects before?
  7. If yes, please mention few of them with urls.
  1. View the Developers’ Portfolios

How to test developers’ skills? A pertinent question that you need to answer by doing this. Once you get in touch with the potential developers who have given all the satisfactory answers to your questions, start checking their portfolios. These portfolios will speak about their web development skills, accomplishments and true potential of the candidates.

Understand in detail if they can write codes, design user interfaces, integrate multimedia content, test & troubleshoot and more.

If they do not have a portfolio published, ask them to showcase their works for better understanding. Look for similar projects with WordPress they have developed.

  1. Look at Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews are one of the significant factors of considering a web developer. Scan through the testimonials and reviews provided by past clients. If possible, you may contact one of them to understand the true potential of the developer. Here you will be able to measure display ratings, number of projects done and special recommendations. More repeated customers for the web developer the better is the candidate.

  1. Assess Their Communication and Soft Skills

While communicating with your developer, try to understand the level of communication and other soft skills. It is important that your web developer understands your point and communicates in your line for smooth execution of the project. The candidate should be able to communicate in non-technical language so that you understand every aspect of the execution clearly.

  1. Consider Pricing and Pay Expectations

Communicate the pricing plan clearly to the web developer and understand the expectations. It is important that your budget and web developer’s expectation meets at a common platform. Usually, the pricing plans vary widely for the web developers. Not all low budgeted web developers are inefficient, few of them might charge less to build their portfolios. You need to maintain a balance considering the factors of skill level, reviews and price charged.


  1. Ask For a Trial Run

Even after finalizing your web developer, you might wish test a little bit more in order to be 100% sure. In such cases trial runs are the best methods. Assign primary tasks of the project and assess their skills based on how they approach the same and what are their plans to complete the next steps of the project. Upon complete satisfaction, you can offer your project to the developer. Please make sure that you communicate this properly to the developer at the very early stage in order to avoid unnecessary confusion.

  1. Create a Contract

You need to keep handy certain keypoints while you offer the project. If you wish to create a contract then the clauses would revolve around the followings.

  1. Define the completion of project phase-wise
  2. Define the time to be taken for phase-wise completion of the project
  3. Determine the payment method
  4. Security and confidentiality of data
  5. Final terms of handover of the project to you
  6. Post project services
  7. Annual maintenance contract (AMC)

If you still can’t make a final contract, then search on the internet, there could be thousands of templated contracts from where you can derive valuable insights and arrange a suitable contract. Most importantly, after assigning your project, keep in touch with the developer on a regular basis and evaluate the type of jobs done so far. If you are not satisfied with any point, please communicate or ask for a detailed clarification.

It is important that both of you remain on the same page from introduction of the project till the completion. Please remember, the success of the project lies in transparency, clear understanding of deliverables from both the sides and consistent communication. If you are still on a fix on how to proceed with a web development project then our expert web developers are ready to assist you anytime. Connect with us today!

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If you are wondering how to find a WordPress Developer for web development project and cannot check WordPress website developer skills, then you must follow certain guidelines that will help you to measure all the
a lady with a laptop working on

How to Hire a WordPress Developer

If you are wondering how to find a WordPress Developer for web development project and cannot check WordPress website developer skills, then you must follow certain guidelines that will help you to measure all the

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